How many scoops of coffee per cup?

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For the million dollar question: how many scoops of coffee per cup? Depends, if you like a soft flavored coffee then 1 scoop for every 3 cups, for a medium flavor you need 2 scoops for every 3 cups, but if you like a strong coffee flavor then 3 scoops for every 3 cups.

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Tired of enjoying a cup of coffee, but then you can’t keep the flavor consistent and you either end up with boiling water with some brown tint or some tar to patch your street. We have some helpful tips for brewing your perfect cup of coffee that maybe won’t keep your street crack free, but at least it will make you impatient for your next morning coffee.

How much is a scoop?

A scoop is a measurable size or portion of coffee to keep flavor consistent as long as other variables don’t change. A scoop of coffee consists of approximately 10.6 grams.

I don’t have a “scoop” how do I measure it now?

There are different ways to measure the right amount of coffee needed or at least something close to it. If you don’t possess a traditional scoop you can also use the classic measuring spoons that can add up to a similar or close amount. Now if you are the type of person that likes things to be extremely precise then you might want to use a digital scale so it measures down to the exact milligram every time. The last and probably easiest way to get the measurement down and consistent is by using 2 tablespoons per scoop.

12 cups (8oz) is the standard coffee pot size, so how much coffee?


Time frame for a drip coffeemaker 

In the coffee loving world there are more machines that you can think of, people love to play around with one of the world’s top 3 most consumed beverages, COFFEE, especially today with coffee also enjoyed cold, thanks to some great franchises. 

If you have a fancy drip coffee maker then you added a very valuable variant to this exciting morning “time”. We all know that good things take time to come by so coffee is not an exception to the rule, the average time for this type of pot is 15 minutes, but taking into consideration your flavor preferences then you might want to adjust longer for a stronger consistency or shorter for a more soft flavor, whatever you choose we know that you will fall in love once you reach your perfect consistency.

Does the type of water for coffee matter?

Now that we have all the other criteria met for that little taste of heaven, we can’t leave out one of the most important ingredients to your coffee cup which is water. Now while there should be no surprise here, we just wanted to make sure we didn’t miss this ingredient so our recommendation is to use either filtered water or bottled water, since we can trust those a little more than just the regular tap water that has different minerals that isn’t consistent throughout the world.


Perfection takes time so don’t forget to play with all the variants; water type, time and also the strength of your flavor consistency and we promise your mornings will never be the same.

So now what to do next?

Now that you have all the information on how to create a little taste of heaven, don’t forget there is always something else to learn. This is why you should consider reading our other article on coffee. How long can coffee sit out?

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